Property division on its face seems straight forward, but can become complex. First, assets and debts that are accumulated during the marriage are divided as part of the divorce. The first step is determining what you accumulated during the marriage. Assets acquired before the marriage are premarital and typically go to the person that had them before the marriage. Assets that are acquired during the marriage can become marital if the parties contributed toward the asset (put an addition on a home that was premarital).

The court will not order assets sold as part of the divorce unless neither party wants the asset. The court will usually start with figuring out what assets each party wants and their values and will start with two sides. when doing the math with assets and debts usually someone will owe the other some money to equalize the sides. If there is a dispute over value, the assets are appraised by an expert. Debts are also included in the calculation. For example a car worth 6,000 dollars with 6,000 in debt will be a zero. A good divorce attorney from Krupp Law Offices can help you through the process of dividing your assets and debts.

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If you are facing a divorce, the attorneys at Krupp law Offices can answer your questions. Having the right divorce attorney can relieve your stress during a divorce. The Divorce attorneys at Krupp Law have over 85 years of experience.  Attorneys fees start at 1,500 dollars. A divorce can be a life changing event, it is important to retain the services of Krupp Law to help you.

Krupp Law Offices P.C. is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  We are the right divorce attorneys for you. We represent clients in all divorce matters throughout West Michigan, including the cities of Kentwood, Rockford, East Grand Rapids, Grand Rapids, Ada, Lowell, Holland, and Coopersville, and the counties of Ottawa, Kent, Allegan, Barry, Newaygo, Montcalm, and Ionia.

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