A divorce starts in Michigan with the filing of a divorce complaint in the county that you or your spouse reside. The complaint states basic facts such as your residency, when you were married, and if you have children or not. Typically it request that a “divorce be granted and property be split. It is not specific as to exactly what a person wants for property settlement. A person must be a resident in Michigan for six months prior to filing and ten days in the county that the case is filed.

After a divorce complaint is filed, a motion for a temporary order is also filed. A temporary order requests the court to enter an order that will be in effect until the final divorce judgment is entered. Typically, the temporary order will provide the following:

1. Who has use of the marital home.
2. Who is driving what car and paying car insurance.
3. Restraining order against selling assets and transferring assets.
4. Who has custody.
5. parenting time.
6. Child Support.
7. Spousal Support.
8. Other things specific to the case.

The waiting period is 60 days if you have no minor children. The waiting period is 6 months to get a divorce if you have minor children (can be waived to 60 days). Once you have finished your waiting period, a final divorce judgment can be entered. This is a minimum time not maximum time. After a judgment is signed, a divorce is finalized with a “pro con” hearing. At that hearing, the plaintiff testifies in open court that all the facts in the complaint are true and that everyone signed the judgment. A judgment enters and you are divorced. Issues related to the children can be modified until they are 18 years old or graduate from high school. A party has to state that there has been a change in circumstances.

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